I run into this issue several times a year with a certain local DSL/Fiber service provider and ASA firewalls. Sometimes it consistently occurs after an outage, others it is seemingly random. This is the relevant debug ARP input (modified for confidentiality): ?arp-req: generating request for at interface Provider1 arp-req: request for still pending […]

Wireless Professionals Compensation Survey

Today, Wednesday, November 30th there will be a one-day independent survey to gather information on the current state of compensation in the Wireless LAN community. We respectfully request your participation in this 90-second survey. The current results will be available to all survey takers as they complete the survey for instant feedback. Later, the complete […]

CWNE #190

I woke to some exciting news last week. An email from CWNP informing me that my CWNE application had been approved and that I am now CWNE #190! This is a huge honor, and I am humbled to be part of the CWNE community. While I like to think that I have picked up some […]

Cisco Live! recap – Tuesday

I was pretty exhausted Tuesday morning. With two young kids at home, I run on a minimum of sleep already, and all of the activity of CLUS pushed me over the edge very quickly. When the alarm went off Tuesday AM, I had to make a command decision – I knew I was not going to […]

Cisco Live! recap – Monday

I had a session booked at 8am. Breakfast started at 7 and with a 30 minute walk to the conference centre, I needed to get up at 6. So much for getting some rest while my kids weren’t waking me up! BRKEWN-2000 “Design and Deployment of Wireless LANs for real time applications” with Jerome Henry!  […]